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This page can be viewed by all website visitors but only active members are allowed to place adds.
Adds will only run for 30 days or until the owner of the item notifies me that the item was sold.
After 30 days you can renew the add.
Items sold on this page have to be equine or farm/ranch related.
No services or skills will be advertised here.
Everything posted will requirer a price and contact information.
Pictures of the items will also be posted when supplied by the seller.
Adds will be placed on the page in the order they come in.
Sellers and buyers will be responsible for shipping arrangements. 
The IaDCTA will not be responsible for any sales or payments made as a result of items advertised.
Sellers will be responsible for any miss-representation of items and buyers will be responsible for payment for items they purchase.

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If you have any questions email